It’s one of the largest competitive events encouraging innovation in the UAE. It motivates and inspires entrepreneurs, creative thinkers and innovators to shape the future by solving pressing technical challenges that could face different government or public entities and organizations the UAE, using open data available on the UAE official Open Data Portal (Bayanat.ae) as a tool to come up with innovative solutions.

The UAE Hackathon is part of the innovative initiatives launched by The Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA). Several government agencies participate in the UAE Hackathon. This includes local digital and electronic governments, a number of federal and local government agencies, and the private sector.

This year, we have a hybrid version that includes two types of hackathons. The Idea Hackathon is held on-site and covers all 7 Emirates; the judging phase will be virtual. The Solution Hackathon follows a hybrid model, incorporating virtual mentorship and technical sessions. The finals of the Solution Hackathon will be held on-site in Dubai. This edition provides innovators from all over the UAE with the opportunity to participate in developing solutions for the proposed themes and challenges.

This year we have 2 types of hackathons: the Idea Hackathon , which has 5 hackathons that cover 7 Emirates and the Solution Hackathon, which will be held in Dubai. You can find all the details of the Hackathon locations on the (Hackathon Journey) page (https://hackathon.ae/en/Journey).

The Idea Hackathon will engage students across seven Emirates to present innovative ideas. The Solution Hackathon invites government personnel, innovators, and entrepreneurs from across the UAE to develop functional software solutions, distinguishing it as the event's flagship. There will be an event centralized on digital governance and innovation, broadening the horizons and influence of the hackathon, along with the final ceremony of announcing hackathon winners. The main theme of the hackathon is derived from the Zero Government Bureaucracy Program and Digital Government 2025 Strategy, which is the main knowledge area of participants. Additionally, a new track is introduced specifically for Government Employees to present their ideas for enhancing government services and applications, with special prizes for the top 3 ideas.

Anyone residing in the UAE and having a valid Emirates ID can participate in the UAE Hackathon. Registration is open for all the UAE citizens from students, makers, employees, entrepreneurs, creators, and any citizen has the ability to innovate and develop creative flexible ideas. Participants should join one of these tracks according to their qualifications Idea Hackathon Rising Stars Track Pioneers Track Solution Hackathon Entrepreneurs Track Gov Innovators Track

Visit UAE Hackathon website and click register Click Create new account If you don't have the UAE Pass app, download it then Sign up Select the track you belong to from the following: Rising Stars Track (School Students) Pioneers Track (University Students) Entrepreneurs Track Gov Innovators Track (Government Track) Select the theme that you are interested in Select the challenge that you will work on its solution Fill your information, and sign in to use the Hackathon platform.

Yes. This year we divided the participants into 2 hackathons; Idea Hackathon includes 2 Tracks; Rising Stars and Pioneers Track, also we have Solution Hackathon includes Entrepreneurs and Gov Innovators Track, but that does not preclude that anyone residing in the UAE and having a valid Emirates ID can participate in the UAE Hackathon.

Rising Stars Track:This segment is for School Students between 11 to 18 years old and has not yet enrolled university. Pioneers Track: This segment is for UNIVERSITY Students between 18 to 25 years old or slightly older, who do not yet have long-term work experience. Entrepreneurs Track: This segment is for START-UPS characterized by having a high level of experience in a particular field or having a start-up in the launching phase. Gov Innovators Track: This segment is for GOVERNMENT employees who have ideas/solutions to enhance GOV services.

The Hackathon comprises 2 types of hackathons; Idea Hackathon and Solution Hackathon for all tracks, as follows: For the Idea Hackathon: Abu Dhabi Hackathon: February 26-27, Judging: March 4 Ras Al Khaimah/ Umm Al Quwain Hackathon: February 27-28, Judging: March 5 Fujairah Hackathon: February 28-29, Judging: March 6 Sharjah/ Ajman Hackathon: March 4-5, Judging: March 7 Dubai Hackathon: March 6-7, Judging: March 10 For the Idea Hackathon and the Finals of the Solution Hackathon: Dubai Hackathon: March 6-8, Judging: March 8 Shortlisted Announcement: March 11 Online Mentorship March 12- April 12 Final Judging: 15-18 April Closing & Innovation Summit: April 23

For the Idea Hackathon: Teams should submit their submissions before the Pitching Day. You can check out the hackathon journey through this link: https://hackathon.ae/en/journey For the Solution Hackathon: Teams should submit their submissions on the 8th of March before 12 pm. You can check out the hackathon journey through this link: https://hackathon.ae/en/journey

Participation in teams is open to those having a valid Emirates ID.

No, unfortunately we will not be offering online participation or training for team members based outside of the UAE.

All that is required is that you are interested in understanding or using open data to help address a challenge related to one of the topics. You do not need specific technical skills to participate.

No specific technical skills needed. If you would like to attend technical training, these will be available during the hackathon.

Successful teams will most likely have about 3 to 5 members, but you are welcome to contact us if you fall outside this range. If you do not have a team, please register and we will connect you with a team looking for members.

You can register either in English or Arabic.

Yes. You have to choose one of the themes and present your idea according to the challenges proposed in it.

In alignment with the “Zero Government Bureaucracy” program announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025, the UAE Hackathon participants will work in teams to create innovative solutions within the following two themes: Theme 1: User Driven Digital Government Theme 2: Digital By Design Theme 1: User-Driven Digital Government Aligned with the fourth dimension of the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025, the first theme, "User-Driven," reflects the strategy's commitment to creating digital services that prioritize user needs and experiences. This theme is instrumental for government entities to enhance their processes, services and policies, and adopt inclusive mechanisms. Theme 2: Digital by Design Digital by Design, emerging from the fifth dimension of the UAE Digital Government Strategy 2025, epitomizes a transformative philosophy. It integrates digital technology as an essential component throughout all organizational operations. This theme highlights the critical role of technology in spurring innovation and reshaping processes within both government and private sectors. Emphasizing the use of digital tools as fundamental agents of change, it promotes a culture of agility and adaptability.

The Hackathon’s themes are intersecting with several fields of the emerging technologies, as follows: Internet of Things Big Data & Data Analysis Artificial Intelligence Blockchain Intelligent Chatbot Augmented Reality 3D/4D Printings Other Trending Technologies

You can apply individually or with a team. However, it is highly recommended to join as a team.

Yes. Submission is editable, you can edit or resubmit your data.

No. Most locations encourage diverse teams but all have the option for participants to apply with or request to join female/male segregated teams.

It’ll be announced soon. Keep following our social media channels to know.

For the Idea Hackathon : At the Registration phase, you should read the challenges well, choose one, and work on the idea with your team. For both the Idea Hackathon and the Solution Hackathon: During the Registration phase, carefully review the challenges/themes, choose one, and collaborate with your team to develop the idea. In the Hackathon phase, check the locations in each emirate, and attend the one closest to you with your team to participate in training sessions and work on your idea. Throughout the Mentorship phase, select a suitable quiet place to attend the session, prepare your laptop, and get ready with your presentation and questions. At the conclusion of the hackathon and judging phase, prepare your pitch deck and be ready to present it virtually to the evaluation committee.

Yes. There will be technology sessions and business sessions presented by various mentors at the technology fields as well as business experts, in addition to international experts and influencers in these technology and business areas.

This depends on the track: For the Rising star track, a well-defined idea or blueprint concept would be acceptable. For the Pioneers track, we expect students to have a low-fidelity prototype. For the Entrepreneurs, we expect participants to have a high-fidelity MVP. Gov Innovators Track, a well-defined idea or blueprint concept would be acceptable.

At the end of the hackathon, participants will present their ideas or prototypes. A jury of prestigious judges will virtually evaluate the presentations. The shortlisted teams will be announced on March 11, and online mentorship sessions are scheduled to take place from March 12 to April 12. Final judging will take place from April 15 to 18, with the final selections being announced at the closing ceremony on April 23.

Prizes will be awarded during the closing ceremony on the 23rd of April.

Winners will receive valuable prizes, as follows: Rising Stars Track: 1st Place: 10,000 AED 2nd Place: 8,000 AED 3rd Place: 5,000 AED 4th to 10th Places: 3,000 AED Pioneers Track: 1st Place: 25,000 AED 2nd Place: 15,000 AED 3rd Place: 10,000 AED 4th to 10th: 5,000 AED Entrepreneurs Track: 1st Place: 50,000 AED 2nd Place: 30,000 AED 3rd Place: 20,000 AED 4th to 10th Place: 10,000 AED Gov Innovators Track 1st Place: 10,000 AED 2nd Place: 10,000 AED 3rd Place: 10,000 AED

All participants will receive a certificate celebrating their contribution.

Hackathons are meant for collaboration in a creative, open and transparent way to solve large challenges. As part of that, the work done in hackathons is generally provided openly and the quick timing precludes any lengthy legal procedures. We encourage teams to look at the Creative Commons licenses if they are interested in retaining intellectual ownership or acknowledgement of their work. Most often, hackathon teams choose the CC By or CC By-SA license.

After registering your team and choosing the challenge you want, attending the training and the physical hackathon, then after that there will be mentorship sessions that will be shared with all participants through the emails.

If you faced any problem, you you can contact us through our email hackathon@tdra.gov.ae

Each track will have a different judging panel appropriate to the nature of the track participants, their qualifications and the level of expected results. Projects will be evaluated according to some elements, which identify the best innovative idea that can be transformed into a start-up project and Potential Impact on the “Zero Government Bureaucracy” Program. You can check the Criteria Page for each track: https://hackathon.ae/en/Criteria

Projects will be evaluated according to some elements, which identify the best innovative idea that can have a Potential Impact on the “Zero Government Bureaucracy” Program. You can check the Criteria Page for each track: https://hackathon.ae/en/Criteria

The UAE Hackathon doesn’t own the ideas, but it should be noted that it isn’t possible to protect any idea in itself, only the successful implementation of your idea ensures that it will not be stolen or applied by others.