Participants Tracks

The UAE Hackathon brings together diverse segments of society, including university students, high school students, employees, entrepreneurs, information technology specialists, and others. Participants collaborate to develop solutions and ideas in the areas identified by the Hackathon, utilizing open data.

This year, we have 2 types of Hackathons with different tracks:


The Idea Hackathon: 

Pioneers: typically aged between 18 and 25, encompassing those who have recently completed their studies or are in the final stages of their university education, should consider participating in the Hackathon, armed with an innovative idea. 

Rising Stars: Encompassing individuals aged 11 to 18 who have not yet commenced their university education. This demographic is particularly significant when looking to encourage the upcoming generation of entrepreneurs with the skills to explore new concepts and give them experience towards a commercially minded startup or solving a practical social problem.


The Solution Hackathon:

For the Solution Hackathon, we bring together a diverse range of participants with a range of skills, experiences, and perspectives to drive innovative outcomes and support teams with immense capabilities. Specifically, we are focused on the below three clusters:

Gov Innovators: This category consists of professionals employed across diverse Government Departments, offering insights into challenges within their entities and identifying opportunities for innovation.


Entrepreneurs: This group focuses on individuals who possess practical experience in a particular field or are in the early stages of launching startups. Their hands-on experience and entrepreneurial mindset are crucial for formulating viable solutions.


Take part in developing innovative ideas and design a sustainable digital future for the UAE from only one place.