Hackathon Data

For the UAE Hackathon, priority is given to teams that incorporate a portion of UAE government-supplied data into their solutions. Datasets are available on the UAE Data Portal (bayanet.ae), Abu Dhabi Data Portal, Dubai Data Portal, Ajman Data Portal. Please visit and download data before arriving at the hackathon. Below are a sample of available datasets according to the hackathon subthemes, though any data are welcome that contribute to innovative solutions.

The Number Of Emission Monitoring Stations by Emirate

The data set represents The Number Of Emission Montoring Stations by Emirate from 2007 - 2019

Proportion of women in the private sector

The data set represents the distribution of the female employees and the total employees in the private sector (excluding the Free zon) by the following attributes: (1) gender, (2) age class, (3) emirate, (4) skill level as per labour law in UAE and (5) the occupation at the level of major group of the International Standard Classification of Occupations ISCO-08 and (6) the economic activity at the level of section as per the International Standard of Industries Classification version 3.1 (ISIC 3.1). 2011-2019" *metadata sheet included in the file

Foreign trade between UAE Operating Free Zones and EFTA Countries

The data set represents Foreign trade between UAE Operating Free Zones and EFTA Countries

UAE Events and Cultural Activities

The dataset illustrates the Events and Cultural Activities in the United Arab Emirates from 2014 to 2016

Government education – Students by education stage, nationality group and gender

The dataset illustrates the Students in government education by education stage, nationality group and gender

UAE Open Data Portal

Each of these and more UAE datasets can be found on the main portal: bayanet.ae. Additional UAE datasets are also available from from ministries and municipalities, a sample set can be found here