World-Class Education

Education is fundamental for happiness and well-being. Enhancing it with innovative technical solutions is one of the country's goals to achieve a world-class education. #RemoteEducation #SelfLearning #DigitalExperience #ELabs

Develop the digital experience of distance education among students and increasing their interaction with the digital educational process

Provide certified interactive digital education for students from various social, economic, and educational levels, as well as find solutions to contribute to creating scientifically qualified young Arab competencies, skilled at modern technology, and able to build societies based on the knowledge economy.

Ministry of Education

Redesign science labs and laboratory practices for digital and distance education

Previously, the digital education was a secondary method of learning that is not used except when necessary, but now, in light of the crises in the world, digital and distance education have become essential in the educational process, and solutions must be developed that contribute to the redesign of science labs to cope up with technological development of the educational process.

Ministry of Education