Digital Transformation

The UAE aims to adopt digital transformation all over the aspects of the community by integrating digital solutions in various sectors. #DigitalServices #DigitalProcess #IoT #AI #VR #AR

Developing a digital tool to provide all services of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation from all over the world.

Smart services help individuals to get acquainted with the services provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation to the citizens of the state and its residents and foreigners who are outside the United Arab Emirates, and it also provides services to the citizens of the country through the Department of Citizen Affairs, as well as providing services to the residents of the country through the Department of Nationals Affairs Foreigners. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also provides attestation services through the Consular Services Department and provides all kinds of attestations.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Enrich the Arabic digital content

Arab websites constitute 3% of the total global content on the Internet, which is a small percentage when compared to the number of Arab users and speakers in the world. Despite some serious attempts to improve and increase Arabic content on the Internet, there is an acute shortage of specialized websites.

Ministry of Culture and Youth

Facilitate government services for people of determination through digital applications

Communications and information technology is one of the most important tools that facilitate life. Innovative solutions must be developed to integrate and empower people of determination technologically, including facilitating government services for them through implementing many digital applications.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

How do we use open data to support policy makers In Pandemics times such as COVID-19 through application development

As innovators, developers, and scientists, you are expected to use the open data resources to come up with an application that can support decision making by finding a way of collecting data and creating simulations easier, leading to more accurate analysis based on data.

Federal Competitiveness and Statistics Centre

Lack of citizen interaction with government services and the participation in evaluating them

In order to realize happiness and well-being for the UAE citizens, it is important to follow up on how they deal with government services and get their feedback and recommendations. This requires innovative solutions to encourage citizens to interact and participate in the development process.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

Lack of using the available digital government services

Smart and advanced service is the key to customer happiness. Therefore, technical solutions must be developed to raise awareness of how to use digital government services, and increase the number of its users.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

Predictive model using the Open Data platform

In the current situation, the data on the Open Data Platform is not being utilized sufficiently. Abu Dhabi Digital Authority would like to develop a predictive model by using the data available on the Open Data Platform.

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

Promote digital government services in a more interactive way

One of the most important priorities is to employ information and communication technology within institutions, whether governmental or private, in order to develop excellent institutional performance and services. Therefore, innovative solutions must be developed to promote these digital services in a more interactive way.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

Smart judicial data analysis/Statistical System

Work is currently underway on several systems designed to serve the customer in the field of justice, but they are not specialized statistical systems. Therefore, all statistical operations are carried out outside the system after downloading data from them, as the data in the judicial systems are considered confidential and the statistician cannot edit any of these data. Currently, the statistician relies on Excel to do the analysis, which constitutes a challenge to carry out advanced analysis using modern technologies to study and apply data science, in order to reach results that contribute to the appropriate decision-making process and provide proactive solutions in the judicial services provided.

Ministry of Justice

Difficulty evaluating job performance while working remotely

The performance evaluation of the authorities' employees is considered one of the challenges facing various entities, as they seek to develop a mechanism for evaluating the performance of the employees through developed systems for evaluation electronically.

Department of Digital Ajman