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In this year, the UAE was classified as having the most beautiful winter in the world, and it’s looking forward to developing innovative solutions in the travel and tourism sector. #VirtualTourism #BusinessTourism #ShoppingTourism #EcoTourism #EntertainmentTourism #Travel

Identify and promote potential attractive destinations and Tourist activities in Ajman

Ajman Emirate faces a lack of diversity of events, festivals and tourist activities that attract tourists in various categories during the year, in addition to the limited number of attractions and various tourist sites that are in line with the different and varied desires and interests of all tourists. Ajman aims to solve these challenges by identifying its attractive destinations and increasing its tourist activities which will target different segments of tourists.

Ajman Tourism Development Department

Real time Hazard Monitoring and accident prediction

An airport of the scale as Dubai Airports means hazards that need to be assessed and mitigated everywhere to provide a safe experience to staff and passengers alike. Identifying hazards in real time and using that data to do predictive accident modeling for the airport, is a challenge that we have yet to solve.

Dubai Airports

Wayfinding solution for Paramedics within DA

With the unique design and arrangements within the airport facilities, it is challenging most times to get to the exact location of where a medical emergency has occurred. This is especially inside the facility buildings which delayed medical response incase of emergencies.

Dubai Airports