Smart Sustainable Cities

The UAE Government aims to ensure sustainable development while preserving the environment and to achieve a perfect balance between economic and social development. #VirtualCities #IntelligentGovernment #WSIS

Develop technical solutions to give an added value to transportation services

Develop and improve the customer journey by developing innovative digital ideas to achieve well-being in transportation systems in Ras Al Khaimah, and serve the transformation to smart cities and achieve leadership and competitiveness for the transport sector.

RAK Transport Authority

Develop the RAK Bus application by using artificial intelligence techniques to improve the services provided to customers

Develop the RAK Bus app to improve the smart services efficiency such as the Chatbot program. This gives the authority several competitive advantages such as: digital marketing for services, great technical support that satisfies customers through fast responsiveness, etc.

RAK Transport Authority

How to encourage citizens and stakeholders to participate in making decisions regarding the development of services provided by government entities

The lack of effective tools to facilitate the process of submitting proposals from citizens and stakeholders to government entities in the country, and the lack of a system that speeds up the process of implementing these proposals while preserving the property rights and patents of their owners.

Human Resources Department - Government of Ras Al Khaimah

Improving the speed of dealing and responding within cities with environmental and biological disasters

Developing a mechanism for disaster risk reduction, and achieving the highest speed of response and the highest degree of efficiency in dealing with disasters, protecting the environment, energy and water resources, and saving the lives of citizens.