Establishing and Consolidating the National Identity

Establishing societal values and national identity is the first priority of the government in 2023. In order to make the UAE the best place to live in, the government aims to accelerate digital transformation towards spreading cultural awareness, preserving the national identity, strengthening the sense of belonging to the nation amongst Emiratis and ensuring nurturing young Emiratis' abilities.

Developing tools and solutions to measure and support the psychological health of the government employees

Psychological Health is important for employees as it directly affects their professional performance and decisions. In light of providing psychological care services and making discussions about it. We may witness vital changes in this field where many governmental entities are working worldwide to align their policies with the current direction to ensure more productivity and employee satisfaction. The government seeks to launch a digital platform supported by machine learning technology and specialized in psychological care consultations and support for the employees of the federal government, using smart technology and systems towards governmental entities integration for the easy access of the target group.

Federal Authority for Government Human Resources

Present new solutions to develop programming applications that contribute to raising the religious awareness for the public in easy, innovative, and attractive ways

Towards a sustainable digital future, the UAE seeks to involve all sectors in order to achieve the inclusive digital transformation for all citizens. Adopting digital applications to increase public religious awareness is one of the tools to achieve this goal.

General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments