Better Financial Services using FinTech

Financial Technology is a key component in the evolution of the financial services industries, such as digital payments, mobile banking, money transfer, and cryptocurrency. According to forecasts for 2024, the total revenue of the global fintech sector will grow to 214 billion dollars. Being in the forefront of FinTech in the region, the UAE is working towards better financial services. #DigitalBanking #DigitalPayment #MobileBanking #MoneyTransfer #Cryptocurrency #BitCoin #Insurance #Loans #Lending #Finance #Investments #Trading

How can we develop the financial services provided by the Government using modern technology (Blockchain - FinTech - Artificial Intelligence)?

The UAE is working towards digital transformation in all fields, especially in the government sector, and accelerating the pace of the future by using the latest technologies such as Blockchain, FinTech, and AI. To achieve that, we need to continuously develop the financial services tools, mechanisms, and applications.

Umm Al-Quwain Smart Government

Presenting solutions to help increase revenue and endowment donations

As the UAE is moving towards digital transformation on all country’s levels, the authority seeks to find digital solutions to increase the revenue and endowment donations. How to achieve that using modern technology applications?

General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments

Developing e-payment systems in different transportation means

The e-payment employment maximizes country revenues and prevents wastage of public money, with the UAE's moves towards smart transportation seeking to develop solutions and applications to adopt e-payment in the transportation system.

Developing ideas and solutions for e-payment in malls and markets

The UAE seeks to employ e-payment applications in all citizens’ services including markets and malls services, to ensure the speed and safety of payment processes and prevent public money waste