The UAE is ranked among the countries most vulnerable to the potential impacts of climate change in the world, and as it plays a central role in the world's energy economy, it seeks solutions to reduce emissions, while continuing to provide the world with the energy it needs. The UAE Government aims to ensure sustainable development while preserving the environment and to achieve a perfect balance between technological, economic, and social development.

How can we improve the accessibility of the data and information on chemicals stored in the UAE using new technologies?

Protecting public health and community safety is a strategic priority to be pursued through an integrated system, including the issuance of legislation and resolutions, and Launch of various initiatives and programmers. Sustainable handling of high-risk resources such as chemical products it is one of the most important elements in maintaining the safety and public health of society, it worked on a geospatial information system for all hazardous chemicals stores in the country.

Ministry of Climate Change and Environment

What are the solutions to measure the impact of all main activities in the tourism sector as well as the tourist experience (planning to visit-departure) on environment and climate change?

Tourism sector is considered one of the most impactful sectors for the environment through water and energy consumption which is directly related to global warming emissions. In order to promote efforts and plans to overcome global warming in tourism sector, we must find innovative solutions for this challenge by designing methods to measure the impact of these activities, as there is no method currently to measure the impact of the diverse tourism activities on Carbon footprint, through which directive initiatives can be developed for the main activities affecting the environment negatively.

Department of Tourism Development - Ajman Government

How to track the Carbon footprint of the passengers through Dubai’s airports?

The Authority of Dubai Airports operates the most crowded international airports in the world. Air travel is considered one of the main reasons of Carbon emissions, which causes 2-3% of the world's global warming emissions. How can Dubai airports track the Carbon footprint of the passengers as a step forward enabling the airport from recording and tracking passengers data?

Dubai Airports

How to track and calculate the wastage of many trade activities in the duty free spots in Dubai airports especially (retail and food outlet spots)?

Most of the concessionaires in Dubai airports (tenants of retail and food outlets spots) produce waste that is currently measured on an estimated basis. With our increased initiatives and efforts in the field of sustainability, we seek to promote our ability to accurately track this wastage. Once we understand the type and amount of the wastage, we can identify the processes/initiatives that can reduce this wastage. Dubai airport would like to develop a measurement tool for the different types and amount of the produced waste within the airport. This tool must not affect or interfere with the daily operations of the airport, to be used later to collect data for more detailed analysis.

Dubai Airports

How to adapt new technologies to inspect the human-centric transmission line, as well as collect and analyze the data generated?

Currently, the transmission line inspection patrolling team is facing challenges on safety, weather, time, equipment etc. Transmission power Business unit and its periodic inspection cycle requires more manpower. What is the proposed solution for this challenge using IoT and Robotics technologies?

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

How can we increase communication and spread agricultural awareness among the beneficiary and stakeholders in Dubai?

The UAE seeks to spread agricultural awareness among those who are interested and specialized in applying the best agriculture practices and developing plants wealth, as well as developing an integrated system for agricultural guidance by merging agricultural knowledge with modern technology (IoT/AI) in all fields of guidance work, developing agricultural services, and achieving customer satisfaction and happiness. It also seeks to enable the customers to obtain the complete knowledge, apply the good agricultural practices, and build the necessary capabilities to achieve sustainable agriculture.

Dubai Municipality

How to connect the producers of recyclable waste with the authorized recycling companies and follow up the different stages of the recycling processes from start to the end?

The procedures of delivering the recyclable waste from its producers to the recycling companies and factories requires a connection between the two parties to facilitate the delivery of required quantities and obtain the e-approvals from the Waste Operations Department in Dubai Municipality. How can this process be facilitated to reach the best results?

Dubai Municipality

How to develop the mosques and religious endowments to be eco-friendly and more sustainable?

Being the supervising authority of the mosques and appointing imams, the General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments seeks to continue its efforts towards the emiratization of imams positions across the emirates, as an important step forward towards supporting emiratization policy in this sublime religious and social proficiency and in line of the country’s efforts to accelerate emiratization and create opportunities for citizens. As the current situation points out, despite the growing construction of mosques across the UAE and the availability of job opportunities as imam, there is reluctance to imam positions. The Authority is determined to support this honorable profession by specifying a set of privilege and incentives for the largest number of imam citizens, providing them with the culture of jurisprudence of imam and preacher, imam position in society, and his role in culture development, as well as spread the methodology of moderation and tolerance in the modern islamic speech.

General Authority of Islamic Affairs and Endowments

What are the suitable methods and solutions to collect and inventory high quality data in the field of future energy (clean, solar. & nuclear energy) from the private sector in the country?

There are many private companies in the field of future energy in the country that work to support green economy and realize sustainable development goals using modern technologies in implementation of the Energy Strategy of the UAE 2050, but the data owned by these private companies are not used to invest in data sector of future energy to achieve the UAE’s vision and competitiveness. How can we develop a set of tools and methods to benefit from this data?

Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

How to track the Carbon footprint of individuals and entities and reduce it in Ajman?

Governments seek to reduce the percentage of Carbon footprint globally and its effect on climate change. Ajman government makes many efforts to find solutions for this challenge to confront the Carbon footprint impact on the emirate’s competitiveness. The current situation: It’s difficult to measure the Carbon footprint in the emirate due to the multiplicity of pollution sources and the mechanism for calculating it.

Municipality and planning Department - Ajman Government

What are the proposed solutions to help realize Carbon neutrality in the UAE?

The UAE seeks to reduce its Carbon footprint to realize Carbon neutrality in 2050, and enhance the country’s capability to achieve food self-sufficiency, which contributes to achieve sustainable development goals and the country’s aspirations towards 2023, the year of sustainability. That could be achieved by developing solutions to maintain the environment's natural resources and boost its diversity and sustainability. Current situation: Import most food commodities and increase the level of greenhouse gases.

Umm Al Quwain University