Developing the Educational System, Vision, Indicators and Outputs

UAE aims at investment in technological education through providing students with the 21st century’s skills to overcome the world's rapid changes along with developing the education system and establishing innovation labs in universities and schools to support the inventions. All with the aim to make the UAE the world’s best country by the next centennial in 2071.

What are the proposed solutions to encourage students to get interested in programming skills and emerging technologies, and boost their competence and readiness in these fields?

The UAE government is keen to prepare a capable generation empowered by the applied futurist job requirements in AI; such as: programming, robotics, designing smart digital applications, and data analysis, so that it’s important to encourage and motivate students to be interested in programming skills and emerging technologies and promote their competence and readiness in these fields.

Emirates Schools Establishment

What are the solutions to develop education curricula in universities and schools in a way that encourages and supports the culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among students?

The challenge aims to develop solutions that support graduating students with entrepreneurial skills capable of creating job opportunities for themselves and the society members. Instead of graduating job seekers, the universities aim to graduate competencies capable of creating opportunities and developing solutions to contribute in development and quality of life, along with achieving the financial and job security for the alumni and society members.

Umm Al Quwain University