Developing the Educational System, Vision, Indicators and Outputs

UAE aims at investment in technological education through providing students with the 21st century’s skills to overcome the world's rapid changes along with developing the education system and establishing innovation labs in universities and schools to support the inventions. All with the aim to make the UAE the world’s best country by the next centennial in 2071.

How to benefit from scientists, experts, and specialists in the UAE to help youth and graduates plan for their professional and practical future

All expertise in different fields are provided in the UAE which make it a fruitful environment to build projects towards a better future. Which tools can be followed to enable the government to set strategies that boost communication and benefit between experts and youth?

Umm Al-Quwain Smart Government

What are the automation solutions for the data of education outputs and labor needs, matching them dynamically, and defining the gap between them to make the possible alignment and explore the not possible one.

Manpower planning depends on many mechanisms such as identifying the gap between future labor needs and education outputs, to effectively support employment policies achieving its objectives. Today, there are no advanced technical solutions and programs within an automation platform for both education outputs' data and labor needs to define the mentioned gap and realizing alignment between them. This makes it mandatory to develop technological advanced solutions to ensure speed and accuracy in extracting and analyzing results through automation, in order to adjust the education programs and realizing continuous alignment between education outputs and labor needs.

Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization

Ensuring quality and fairness of the assessment in the distance exams

In the post-pandemic world, most of the education systems tended to teach and do assessments remotely for the safety of both students and teachers. What are the suggested solutions to ensure quality and fairness of these assessments?

Increasing interaction between students and teachers in the remote education systems

Although distance education preserves the safety of both students and teachers, it may miss the interaction between them. What are the proposed technical solutions to ensure the complete interaction and increase the education process quality?