Accelerating Emiratisation

UAE aims to increase the integration of Emirati citizens into the labor market and provide the necessary mentorship and vocational training programs to boost their participation in the country’s strategic sectors, as well as, enhance the workforce productivity towards building a better future and more sustainable life.

How to activate the community participation through improving digital communication

Community participation forms have become different in the age of digital transformation. What are the technical solutions that governments can follow to activate the participation of all community members by developing the digital communication tools.

Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority

How can technology be used to serve the elderly and people of determination to communicate with the health sector and benefit from its services

The UAE health sector has proven to the world that the country is able to withstand the most difficult conditions that may occur in the world. This is also proved by the reports and statistics of the pandemic, as well as the stability of the health sector in front of the pandemic using all the technology and human resources.

Umm Al-Quwain Smart Government

Employing the new technologies to boot the UAE community awareness of empowerment program

The UAE presents a unique parliamentary experience depending on the requirements and needs of the UAE community which enhance the achievements and lead to more success in all fields. How can we employ the new techniques to raise the awareness about the Empowerment program (political development and political participation culture).

The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs