Purpose Of The UAE Hackathon

Under its motto 'Data for Happiness and Well-being,' the UAE Hackathon aims to develop innovative solutions and ideas that contribute to the happiness index of the many communities in the UAE. These solutions and ideas will be derived from the data that exist within and among government entities.

Why "Data For Happiness & Well-being"?

The wise leadership of the UAE places community happiness and well-being at the forefront of its objectives, which are embodied in the government's strategies and plans. Data is the foundation by which these strategies and plans were developed.

Who Can Participate In The Hackathon?

Anyone residing in the UAE and having a valid Emirates ID can participate in the UAE Hackathon. These events are not only for IT-oriented men and women but are for storytellers, artists, entrepreneurs, engineers, thinkers, innovators, people of determination, strategists, businessmen and women, problem solvers, and anyone with an imagination to make things better.

H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori

There have been significant technological advances in several fields in the UAE. H. H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, and H. H. Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, drew the roadmap to achieve the "UAE Centennial Plan 2071". They held annual meetings to set a development framework for the next fifty years for the UAE. In this context, the wise leadership of the UAE launched the Fourth Industrial Revolution Strategy and the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. At the international level, the Fourth Industrial Revolution has gained great resonance, as reflected in several conferences, studies and efforts exerted to expect and shape the future. There is one common word among the ramifications the fourth industrial revolution; it is DATA. Data is the pivot around which all significant technological changes revolve. It is the foundation for the success of smart cities, artificial intelligence, analytics, community engagements, etc. and the solution to achieve happiness in society in the age of technological transformations. Most studies on the future of jobs and market under the fourth industrial revolution agree that jobs related to data analysis will be required significantly during the foreseeable future. Hence, the UAE Hackathon was organized with one of its goals, is to build the IT capacities of the people of the UAE in order to create an IT savvy population that will be in position for a digital future. The UAE Hackathon is an opportunity for competition and collaboration among ambitious men and women who have the desire and spirit of innovation. Participants will receive training on new technologies, learn to analyze datasets to produce solutions to meet the challenges that people are facing in sectors such as transportation, health, sustainable development, environment, education, commerce, finance, and gender equity. I would like to welcome the UAE Hackathon contestants and thank the Hackathon implementation team for their efforts in organizing these events. I would also like to extend warm greetings to the academic, government and private entities, which are participating in this big national project. I wish you success in achieving your goals for our great country.


The goal of the hackathon series is to find creative ways to further happiness and well-being, using data. We have identified eight key areas and themes, any of these and more may be used to serve the goal of Data for Happiness and Well-being.

Trending Technology

Block-chain technology can help in developing government services and handling personal data. Finding solutions based on this new technology is highly needed.

Data for Sustainability

Developing apps or tools to analyse data on food and natural resources can help government to secure food and maintain sustainability of resources.

Security & Safety

Smart applications and uses of artificial intelligence in fire accidents to tackle the most common reasons of fire accidents and minimize them.


Analyse data on diseases and their causes and identify common factors among them. Find an app/tool to predict future trends in treatment.


Participants are highly encouraged to find solutions promoting career opportunities for job seekers in the private sector.


Gamification is an enjoyable method for learning. Find solution based on gamification to improve education at primary and middle schools.

Social Development

Innovate tools/apps using gamification to help people of determination, to support good behaviour and stop bullying.

Innovative Solutions to serve justice

In Abu Dhabi and Dubai hackathons, innovate solutions to help people settle their disputes and cases fairly, amicably and finally out of the court

Enhancement of Lifestyle in the UAE

In the Abu Dhabi Hackathon, find a solution to make people of determination happier with Abu Dhabi Government services and another solution to make the Abu Dhabi community more connected using AI and big data.

Enhancement of Social Relations in the UAE Community

In the Abu Dhabi hackathon, participants will compete to find solutions through technology to connect generations and fill the generation gap. Note that this theme challenge will be tackled in Abu Dhabi only.


Find an app to recycle or dispose electronic waste, wood waste, car parts and tyre waste, an app to open e-market for local agricultural and animal products to support local farmers, an app to support sustainable production by Emirati women, an app to answer veterinary queries and an app to reduce food wastes.