Work Efficiency & Productivity

In a changeable world with the emergence of new technologies, the work environment requires technical solutions that guarantee a stable future for companies and raise the efficiency of workers. #JobSatisfaction #PrivateSector #SelfEmployment #RemoteWorking

Developing a tool to calculate the impact of government campaigns

Tracking government campaigns from multiple channels or entities is a challenge for Government Entities, where it is difficult for Government Entities to track the interaction of people and other Government Entities. The challenge will be to create or develop a government campaign impact calculator that can help to measure the effectiveness of these campaigns and messages on social media and various websites. In addition to the possibility of studying the return on investment from government campaigns.

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

A mechanism to enhance the participation of the national workforce in the labor market through flexible patterns

The Coronavirus pandemic revealed a different side to work patterns, including remote work. It also revealed different methods of contracting and attracting talents such as part-time work, remote work and job-sharing.

Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation

Achieve the highest levels of happiness and positivity in security jobs

During disasters, security entities’ employees have to work positively despite various challenges, which requires finding innovative solutions to enhance the work process in a spirit of happiness and positivity among these employees.

Dubai Police

Create a visual mechanism to display and collect various data to help ease decision-making

Making decisions based on correct data has become an urgent necessity to obtain the best results and improve efficiency, by presenting data in its various relevant forms in real time. This helps enable the business sector to identify and analyze positive trends related to business activities, while isolating and correcting negative trends to improve organizational efficiency.

Government of Fujairah - Finance Department

Creating an online training tool that provides judicial training services

The programs currently used to provide judicial training depend on traditional methods such as Microsoft Team, which does not provide integrated solutions for the training process like (the ability to obtain a username that contains all the training information for the trainee), and to benefit from specialized training programs in an interactive manner, that allows the transfer and exchange of experiences and the opportunity for self-education.

Ministry of Justice

Develop smart systems to measure productivity & enhance government performance

Several studies report that the average employee produces only 3 to 4 hours of work per day, or an average of 15 to 20 hours per week. This is a waste of cost in light of the wages and salaries that entities pay to their employees. Therefore, measuring employee productivity is considered one of the priorities that enhance the efficiency and productivity of federal government entities as a whole. So proposing mechanisms to raise productivity rates will ensure maximum utilization of the workforce in the federal government.

Federal Authority For Government Human Resources

Foreseeing the future of labor relations (Labor Complaints Management)

With the changes imposed by the Coronavirus pandemic and the precautionary measures, the work mechanisms of the Labor Relations Department have been developed regarding examining labor complaints, so that labor complaints are examined through modern technical channels without the need for the customers presence, which led to an increase in the productivity and customer satisfaction rate and to keep pace with the precautionary measures. All this led to the continuation of the operations flow which maintains the UAE’s first position in the global competitiveness index due to the lack of labor disputes. The state aims to be a model for preserving labor rights without the need to file labor complaints, which pass through the currently approved channels, by creating work mechanisms that limit the submission of labor complaints by developing systems that help both parties to the labor relationship by knowing their rights and duties.

Ministry of Human Resources & Emiratisation

Improve the work for the authority inspectors outside the field during their inspection tours

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority would like to improve the path which is followed by their inspectors outside the field to inspect food entities, as inspectors spend a long time to reach and return from their destination. Taking into account the visit priorities based on several criteria and controls, including types of inspection, the examination time, and the shortest way to visit the institution.

Abu Dhabi Agriculture & Food Safety Authority

Lack of youth number in the activities of Ras Al Khaimah Youth Center due to Coronavirus pandemic

As a consequence of the Coronavirus pandemic, the interaction rates of youth have decreased in all the initiatives and programs provided by the center that serve the community. The center seeks to reach a set of innovative digital solutions which help increase participation and interaction rates in all initiatives, thus enhancing opportunities for developing skills and knowledge among youth despite the pandemic.

Ras Al Khaimah Youth Hub