Security, Safety, & Justice

UAE aims to be the safest place in the world, as it seeks to reinforce its citizens’ sense of security and create a safe and strong cyber infrastructure in the UAE. #CyberAttacks #LinksDetector #FacilitiesFire #PoliceStation #CommunitySecurity

Online bullying detection

The online bullying and violence cases have increased in social media. The Security Departments need a proactive solution that can help them to detect and identify these cases before being reported.

Abu Dhabi Digital Authority

Help parents create a safe digital environment around their children

In light of technological development and the world heading towards the technical age, the responsibility of raising children in the digital world has become a challenge for parents, as they play a fundamental role in determining whether the digital content that the child experiences is appropriate or not. In light of this, technology can be used to help parents protect children from the threat of the Internet, social media, and electronic devices.

Telecommunications Regulatory Authority

Prevent and pre-detect of drug abuse and addiction control

The need to develop early detection services for drug abuse or addiction (combating service) has increased along with employing artificial intelligence and modern technologies in analyzing the behaviors of users and addicts, to set proactive mechanisms for prevention and early detection of drug cases and addiction, in cooperation with partners such as: The Ministry of Education Education, the Ministry of Health, and others.

Ministry of Interior

Protect content intellectual property from digital publishing

Due to the great technology development that we are experiencing today, as soon as new ideas or innovations are announced and everyone has access to them, anyone can use them without the permission of their owner. Therefore, preserving intellectual property rights became one of the most important priorities.

Ministry of Culture and Youth

Realize children's digital safety

Despite the huge opportunities offered by digital life, it carries a lot of challenges that threaten children’’s digital safety; such as exposure to inappropriate content, cyberbullying, attempts to obtain their personal information, or hacking into their accounts and devices. The continuous exposure of children to violent digital games poses a great challenge, which makes the behavioral system that they digitally live in reflect on behavioral patterns in their real life.

Dubai Police

Reduce electronic blackmail and cybercrime

Dubai seeks to be the safest and most secure city, through smart innovative services and global institutional excellence according to modern technologies, which help reduce electronic fraud and blackmail, as well as reduce cybercrimes that affect the happiness and well-being.

Dubai Police

Reduce the risk of fake information over the internet and increasing users trust in the data shared on social media

The large spread of false information on social media has become a global risk. The main challenge is determining the difference between real and fake news . Make a web app that allows us to detect false information spreading over various social media platforms, the information can be in different languages. Collect our data from any platform and use it. The web application compares the text information of accurate news and fake news and determines the result. It classifies the type of data entered, whether it is news, opinion, or fun. Also, it displays the trustiness level percentage of each source.

Fujairah E-government

Increase the Divorce cases

Studying and analyzing the possibility of limiting marriage issues in cooperation with all concerned parties, starting from the procedures of marriage to conflict resolution up to divorce. What are the awareness-raising measures for those about to marry, that can be taken to reduce the divorce rates.

Ministry of Justice